A charming wallflower's search for love...

Armed with a gypsy necklace and a belief in magic, Miss Valera Bell pursues the heart of a duke only to have her hopes shattered.

Will her best friend's older brother help her pick up the pieces?

@ 2016 Samantha Grace


Dear Reader,

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick. Why can two individuals who experience similar events be affected differently? Why do some shake off difficult life circumstances while others aren’t able to break free of the emotional and mental shackles that keep them prisoners? None of us have made it this far in life with blank slates. Our pasts and how we’ve made sense of our experiences is what makes us who we are. For that reason, none of the main characters in my books arrive on the page without having a past that shapes how he or she views the world.

I love writing about characters that have made mistakes in the past but are able to triumph in the end. I believe everyone with a true heart deserves love and happiness—not just those who walk the straight and narrow. Of course, having the right support to grow and change is important, so I don’t make the characters do it alone. Good friends, strong family ties, and a patient partner can make all the difference. I hope you enjoy my stories and the cast of characters who inhabit them as much as I have loved creating them.     

5 Random Facts About Samantha

Once upon a time, I was roped into performing a tap dance duet in a children's dance recital. My friend and I were both pregnant and showing. And neither of us are professional dancers! 

I would love to write an article for Better Homes and Gardens. I love, love, LOVE interior design magazines.

My favorite music is indie/alternative ~ Death Cab for Cutie, Phoenix, Keane, Two Door Cinema Club, Foster the People, Modest Mouse, MIA, Spoon, Santigold ~ but I can't listen to any music with lyrics when I'm writing. It's too distracting. 

I'm horrible at Trivial Pursuit, but I'm pretty good at remembering personal details about people I meet. 

All of my heroes are somewhat based on my husband. One minute I'll want to throttle him and the next he'll have me laughing. But always, he is loyal and loves me completely, and I know we're lucky to have found each other.

Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author Samantha Grace’s storytelling has received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and critical acclaim from Booklist and Library Journal. She has written over fifteen Regency historical romances and enjoys using her degree in behavioral psychology to create engaging, multidimensional characters. Her novel IN BED WITH A ROGUE earned her a RITA nomination. A lifelong romantic, Samantha first caught a case of the warm fuzzies while watching Disney’s animated version of Robin Hood at age four. She has never looked for a cure. Samantha lives in Wisconsin with her real life hero, daughter, and Holo the Husky.

A Word From the Author