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Bonus Material

A Worthy Rival

The idea behind the Rival Rogues series was to create a friendly rivalry between two hero-worthy gentleman who find themselves in pursuit of the same lady. Their motives for courting the lady are different, but either gentleman could make a perfectly good husband. The plan was always to create a HEA for every rogue. Anthony Keaton found his happy ending in ONE ROGUE TOO MANY. Sebastian Thorne fell in love in IN BED WITH A ROGUE, Benjamin Hillary won his ladylove's heart in THE BEST OF BOTH ROGUES, and Jonathan Hackberry will get his day in my series GENTLEMEN OF INTRIGUE.


Why did I decide to make the choice difficult for the ladies? Mostly because a love-triangle never made much sense to me when one of the other guys is clearly a jerk. Why would he even be in the running? Nevertheless, I understand readers have become emotionally invested in all of the heroes in this series, and sometimes the hero they would choose for themselves seems to get a raw deal. Please be reassured the hero you love most will get the HEA he deserves.  

Christmas with the Hawkes

Russell Hawke (A Secret in Her Eyes) has a Christmas surprise for Claudine in this bonus scene created especially for Samantha's readers.  

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