DIY Bunny Wreath

This cute spring wreath can be made in a couple of hours, and it's budget friendly. Most of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree. Hang on your front door, side of the house, on the living room wall, prop up in your garden... The possibilities are endless.


1. Choose 4 wreaths - 1 large for the bunny body and 3 smaller  ones for the head and ears
2. Soak two smaller wreaths in warm water for approximately 30 min, or until they are pliable.
3. Shape the wet wreaths into bunny ears and secure with twine. Allow to dry in the sun for a couple of hours, or add time if drying inside.
4. Attach the bunny head and body with twine or a zip tie. If you use twine, reinforce with hot glue or wood glue. When the ears are dry, attach them to the head with tons of hot glue on both sides.
5. Make a crown for the bunny by hot gluing  flowers of your choice and greenery to the top wreath. This will hide where the ears are glued to the head.
6. Loop a piece of twine and glue it to the back to hang the wreath.

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