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While You Were Roguish - Book 2

She is making a list...

When Lady Hadley answers the call to help prepare her cousin’s newly inherited house for Christmas, there is much to do. Hire staff, dust every corner, hang garland… Handling a half-naked man found rummaging in the kitchen is not on her list. When Bess realizes he’s foxed and learns he has a reputation for being wild, she decides to teach him a lesson. Instead, he reignites a fiery passion in her that almost led to her ruin years ago—and threatens to consume her now. 

He is in the naughty column...

Lord Julius Everly is in danger of freezing when his horse dumps him in a creek during a brutal winter storm. Fortunately, his lady neighbors are the hospitable sort. Not only is he given shelter and a warm bed to pass the night, it appears he and the lovely widow making calf-eyes at him the next morning made good use of it. It’s too bad he can’t remember a thing, including asking her to marry him. When Bess’s guilty conscience forces her to confess to lying, Julius can’t deny the truth. She is his other half, and he’ll risk anything to have her.

Appropriate for Mature Audiences

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