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Lord Margrave's Secret Desire - Book 4

In the game of espionage, love is a weakness...


When Viscount Margrave joined the Regent's Consul, an elite group of spies formed during the Napoleonic Wars, he did so with the understanding he would never marry. Danger lurks around every corner in the world of intrigue, and vulnerability quickly becomes a nail in one’s coffin. Unfortunately, the most alluring debutante of the Season has set her cap for him, and resisting the desire to make her his own is sweet torture.  


In the game of courtship, love is the prize...

One magical kiss from her uncle’s handsome godson under the mistletoe convinced Sophia Darlington of what she suspected all along. Lord Margrave is her soulmate. Persuading the stubborn viscount, however, is an exercise in frustration. One moment he encourages her to find a more suitable husband, then he frightens away would-be suitors with his dark glowers and menacing presence. The man is impossible, but she loves him.

And she’ll entice him into admitting he loves her too, even if it kills her.

Appropriate for Mature Audiences

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