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Winter Wishes

 A Regency Holiday Romance Anthology

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cheryl Bolen and USA Today Bestselling authors Bronwen Evans, Lana Williams, Bree Wolf and Collette Cameron are joined by Heather Boyd, Sasha Cottman, Samantha Grace, Donna Cummings, Barbara Monajem, Suzanna Medeiros, Wendy Vella, and Alina K. Field in this exciting new anthology of thirteen never-before-published Regency Christmas Romances.

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Must Love Majors

He longs for the past...

Major Phillip Rowland has one objective when he returns from war, retreat to the country with his dog—which is quite impossible when a debutante has kidnapped him. Determined to rescue his pet, Phillip charges into a Christmas house party only to discover he’s intruded on a private marriage mart. When unexpected events leave him stranded at the party, Phillip is confronted with the truth. He doesn’t know how to rejoin a world where he no longer feels he belongs.


She is his hope for the future...

Lady Ambrosia Everly promised to select a husband by Christmas, but a certain major has become a major distraction since his arrival at Everly Manor. She knows nothing about warfare, but the man should prepare for the fight of his life if he thinks she will surrender her beloved dog. When the lines between enemies and lovers become blurred, however, Ambrosia faces her own personal battle. Should she give her heart to the major or marry a man of her parents’ choosing?

Charming a Scoundrel

Armed with an enchanted gypsy necklace guaranteed to win the heart of a duke, Miss Valera Bell is prepared to shed her wallflower status and take charge of her destiny. But when an orchestrated run-in with the most sought-after bachelor duke in London ends with Valera flat on her bum with barely a glance from the man, her confidence in magic is rattled.

Hope is restored when her best friend’s dashing brother Alex Barnaby, Earl of Ravenswood, asks her to dance, and suddenly the duke’s interest is piqued. Valera might have found something even more valuable than gypsy magic to bring the duke up to scratch: a little healthy competition. But can she form an alliance with the charming scoundrel, Lord Ravenswood, without risking her reputation and her heart?

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