A Drayton Theatre Production

Are you searching for a historical romance where lords and ladies venture outside of the London ballrooms? Please consider this your backstage pass to explore a small 19th century playhouse where the drama occurs offstage as well as on. These romantic, sensual short novels are a spinoff of Uncle Charlie's Angelsand they are filled with the same well-developed characters readers have come to love in Samantha's longer novels.

Book 1

resisting romeo

A second chance at happiness...

Blue blood flows through actress Claudine Bellerose’s veins, but a noble birth hasn’t protected her from a life of hardships. Driven from home by French revolutionaries when she was an infant and orphaned in a strange land, Claudine was forced to make impossible choices to survive. An aspiring playwright and gifted performer, Claudine is determined to rebuild her life, and the small London playhouse where she is surrounded by friends and about to premiere her first production makes the perfect setting—until she learns the theatre is being sold out from under the manager.


A dream he never hoped to realize...

When gentleman landowner Russell Hawke inherits a failing playhouse, the only reasonable action is to sell the property to the highest bidder. However, after the intriguing Claudine ambushes him at the Clarendon Hotel and demands he allow the manager to purchase the Drayton, Russell is enticed into reconsidering the theatre's future. Soon he finds himself portraying the role of leading man opposite the lovely Claudine, but can he become her Romeo after the curtains close?

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Book 2

A Lady to Remember

In the City of Love, she has nothing left to lose except her heart...


Penniless and stranded abroad, Lady Adele Sinclair’s survival depends on her brother’s ability to charm the ladies. After Adele meets the man of her dreams and he makes an offer of marriage, she’s certain her struggles have come to an end. However, when one of her brother’s assignations turns dangerous, the siblings must flee for their lives, separating Adele from the only man she has ever loved.


He is just another fool for love...


Jaded by betrayal, Marcus Fletcher spends his days at the Drayton Theatre, a small London Playhouse, attempting to forget the lady who left him. When Lady Adele shows up at the theatre expecting him to honor their betrothal agreement, he must decide if he will play the fool for her again or possibly lose the only woman who has ever been able to break down the walls around his heart.


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