Welcome to the Historical Romance Holiday Cookie Hop

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Seasons Greetings! Happy Holidays!

No matter how you celebrate the season, may you be blessed with plenty now and in the year ahead.


I recently had a chance to take part in a Regency romance holiday anthology with some of my favorite people/authors. It's called Christmas Kisses, and it's filled with happy endings for ten couples.  My story A Kiss From a Captain is book 3 in my Everly Manor Happily Ever After series about a large, close knit family that finds love during their parents' annual Christmas house party.


I'm giving away book 1 to all cookie hoppers, so be sure to click on the graphic below to download your copy. No strings attached, but if you'd like to join my email group, I'd love to have you. Happy hopping!

History of the Christmas Kissing Ball

Did you know the Christmas kissing ball dates back to the Middle Ages? In its original version, a clay figure representing the infant Jesus was nestled into the center, and it was hung in the doorways of large homes and castles. Everyone who passed beneath the "holy boughs" was said to be blessed. Around the 17th century, all holiday decorations in Europe and England fell out of favor and were frowned up, so the holy bough disappeared. Does anyone know how old the Grinch is? *wink

The holy bough didn't make a resurgence until the Victorian era. The name was changed to the Christmas Kissing Ball, and a new tradition began. Evergreen boughs, sweet herbs, and mistletoe sprigs were stuck into an apple or potato to form a ball, and it was hung overhead. Anyone who stood beneath the kissing ball was fair game for a smooch. 

Now on to the cookies...

When it comes to baking, I gravitate toward the quick and easy, and this recipe for Brookies is embarrassingly simple. You can probably find better recipes from real bakers online, but this was a crowd pleaser at our house. The recipe calls for dark chocolate brownie mix, but I've made it with milk chocolate, and it's just as good.

I've included a printable PDF with this recipe and bonus cookie recipes from past cookie hops. 

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